ON A BUDGET: 5 Ways To Update A Room

If you are a HGTV junkie like me then you would have oooed and awwwed at all the amazing  before and afters on shows like Property Brother, Flip or Flop, House Hunters among others .While most of us don’t have the disposable income or access to the a variety of home decorating stores like our North America or UK family members do, we sure can all get creative. After all we live on an island, what’s more beautiful that that?

If you can’t afford an interior decorator, no need to worry , I’ve put below 5 tips to update any Jamaican Room on a budget. 


Paint it

A new coat of paint just always seem to make the old look new again or sometimes even amazing.  If you are getting ready to sell your house you might want to freshen up the paint on walls to give your house a ‘new’ feeling.  If your budget  doesn’t allow you to paint  an entire room, try painting an accent wall to capture the majic. This is true for old furniture as well.  Remember using dark colors can affect your mood and  bright neon colors could keep you up at nights. So chose wisely.



Rewrap it

Upholstery can cost just as much as buying a new piece of furniture, but a staple gun and some fabric from your favorite store can do wonders to a room. Try rewrapping dining room chairs or creating covers for busted furniture.  Using bold #power colors like purple and red can certainly add life to old furniture.  Visit your local fabric store and don’t be afraid to dig deep into the discount boxes, you’ll be amazed at the treasures you find. I found these two chairs in someones work yard about two years ago. The seating was torn down to board.  I  wrapped them yellow ,varnished the wooden parts and repainted everything else with black matted paint.



Curtains and accent pillows can take a room from drab to fab. If you can sew , your in luck but if not you can always glue. Your choice of fabric will influence the look and feel that they bring to the space. Silk and linen curtains can up the value of the space but not to be outdone are wonderful cotton pieces. My most outstanding DIY curtain was made from burlap! Sewing accent pillows are fun and will also bring life to your sofas and even your bedroom as well. They become a huggable friend for those single people and are special for those already living together.



Treasure hunt for it

It amazes me that most Jamaica set their eyes on buying oversized pieces for their moderate to small rooms. Why not make your accents personal? A three piece pull out sofa might just be too darn big for a standard 12 x 12 room.  Try going to the beach and treasure hunt for shells, beautiful stones or driftwood. You can make you bathroom feel very spa-like with simple finds from the beach. As well as use drift wood for lamps and mirrors. You can play around with the color by staining the wood or simply adding varnish. Remember ‘we live where they vacation’, creating spa-ike or more caribbean spaces is especially good for short-term renters who’s guests are not locals.


creative-diy-headboards-bedroom-designs-1Build it

Is your bedroom suffering from lack of excitement and color ?  Well you could make your own headboard or accent pieces to decorate your wall.  I needed space for a  few of my books (yup we still have those 😉  and with the help from #POWERteam member, uncle  Dave we were able to make this cool shelf out of plywood , faric and the side of an old baby’s crib.  You could also create beautiful headboards from drift wood , pallets or plywood covered with sponge and fabric.

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