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  1. DeRose

    Cherine your the best – always pushing the envelop never stationary I love that about you. Keep up the good vibes. I’ve been playing around the 30 day feel good myself – but my lifestyle haven’t given me a chance as yet to let loose and unwind. To do the things I love @ age 35. Back at school digging deep for a nursing degree its hard juggling time. I suppose after listening to you about “feeling good for the next 30 days” my question arise in “How do you pick yourself up after a strenuous day?” Or “How do you keep that “best self” going to be your best (or achieve that one goal that means the most to you)?” Anyhow, I’m tired but this sparked a light for me and I’ve been working at “feeling good each day” [Not easy when you come against other people who are the opposites – lol]. Goodnight / Goodmorning I hope thats not too long winded. 🙂

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