Throughout the month of September award winning singer and actress Cherine Anderson is on a mission to make her supporters ‘Feel Good’. Anderson will engage fans via an online promotion titled #cherine30days of September. 

#cherine30days of September is an interactive series of online engagement events, packed with giveaways and invaluable advice from experts in the fields of wellness, health, beauty, finance and entertainment. Cherine’s goal is to use her musical network to bring important tips and ideas to her supporters, so that they can live their best life. Everyday this month one lucky fan is guaranteed to win a prize.

Cherine TV’s mantra is “Music will never look the same”. And every aspect of the site supports Anderson’s mission:  “Feel Good” = Inspired + Confident + yoUrself.

In addition, supporters can watch and be apart of Vlogs hosted by Cherine and experts on her new weekly series “Cherine’s Duffle Bag Diaries”, which will see the singer traveling with her band to perform for the first time in Johanessburg, South Africa later in September. The promotion is set to start today September 1st and will integrate fans across her social media networks. 

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